Energy Efficient Windows Great Shopping Tips

The large sum of cash that you pay out each year for energy can be greatly minimized by having energy efficient replacement windows installed in your home. Your home’s design and location plays a significant part in choosing the right kind of window that you want. If you live in a region wherein it is mostly cold throughout the year, you will require a different window than if you are living in a region that tends to be hot all year round.

Home Design – You should always keep your home’s design in mind when purchasing energy efficient replacement windows. The size of the replacement windows and their direction are important.

–    In areas that are mostly hot, south-facing windows must be heavily glazed. To make optimum use of the sun’s heat during winter months, you should have windows with .6 or more SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) and a .35 or less U-factor, to minimize heat transfer during the hot summer months.

–    In areas that are mostly cold, windows should be installed facing north. The windows should have lower SGHC. South-facing windows must be appropriately shaded by porches and/or trees to reduce the invasion of sunlight and heat. Tinted and reflective windows are not suitable for these climates since they minimize SHGC and let more heat in during summer and spring.

Window Frame – Choosing the apt window hardware such as the right frame is very important.

–    A lot of people choose aluminum window frames because of their affordability; however, you need to understand that aluminum conducts very easily as opposed to other window frame materials. This results to heat loss in cold dominated areas. A fiberglass frame proves to be a much better option since it can be easily and effectively insulated and is not going to conduct that much heat from your home’s interior to its exterior.

–    The areas wherein the fluctuation of temperature is much higher, wooden window frames must be avoided since the material tends to expand as well as contract. Wood laminate window frames are a much better choice and provides the same visual appeal.

Kind of Glass – You need to consider the many different types of glasses prior you purchase energy efficient replacement windows.

–    When living in very hot areas, glass-filled home windows make for an excellent choice since they offer more insulation as well as minimize the U-factor significantly.

–    Another great option that you can consider when purchasing energy efficient home windows is glaze glass. They have several glass panels. These kinds of glasses are best for colder climate areas wherein heat transfer is high and hence heat has to be maintained.  

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