Danger on Over-Looking Water Heaters

Yearly Maintenance is Required!

You enjoy your warm showers in the morning.  You actually enjoy a nice warm tap water for washing dishes.  You spend your time loading a washer that you are expecting to provide warm water to clean your clothing. You run your dishwasher with that same expectation.  But do you consider the harmful effects that ignoring you water heater can have on your home?

We provide our cars monthly or yearly maintenance and checkups.  You use your water heater just as often in your home.  Consider a few things when you do those yearly checkups.


What Needs Looking Into?

If you are wondering what parts need check-ups for Utah water heaters, you probably aren’t the only ones.  Here are a few ideas on things to look for and times to call a technician.

  • If you water heater is more than 10 years old, call to see if it should be replaced.  It defiantly needs to be scheduled for maintenance otherwise.
  • If you experience a change in water pressure, consider it time to call an expert.
  • If your water heater will not stay heated or does not provide the right amount of warm water despite the settings, you need to call.  They will check the recovery rate and the amount of water that can be heated at a time.
  • You need service and likely a replacement if your water has a rusty color or taste.  Open your closet where the water heater is stored and make sure that your water heater doesn’t have rust also around it.

The problem is, without care and maintenance; your water heater can actually cause damage to your home. Myth-Busters did an episode on the chance of water heaters actually over-heating and becoming a small rocket launching through the roof of your home.  It is possible, they did confirm that.  So make sure to take good care of your water heater.

From flooding your home, to damaging your pipes, to the possibility of explosion- do not overlook care for your water heater!


Schedule Your Appointment:

Since your water heater is used daily for showers, dishes, and cooking; you should take care of your heater.  Make sure to call and schedule the check up on your heater.  If you know your heater is rusty or just doesn’t produce the right amount of heated water- just call and schedule a time to consult about replacements.

You can find alternatives to the water heater you currently use.  They are always updating more energy efficient units that are easier on your wallet.  Consider calling today for the needed maintenance your water heater needs. You won’t regret a checkup to test the durability, efficiency, and recovery rate of your water heater.

By Lacie Christensen

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