Ask Your Independent Contractor

If you are ready to touch up, remodel, or repair your house, then you are looking for a good contractor.  Hire out a contractor you can trust for the needed areas in your house that require a little extra work.  You can look up how to find plumbers in St Louis, but that won’t ensure you find a contractor who can deliver great service!  Remember to ask yourself these questions before you begin work with an independent contractor:

  1. Do you have a website?  If you are able to look up their site, or their listing on Google, chances are you can find a review about the business. If this isn’t a reference, don’t be shy, you want to know what other people are saying.  You will be able to learn a lot about the quality of work they do, or the level of service they can provide to you.
  2. Do you have posted service rates? Before you start working with a contractor to repair your bathroom or to fix up your basement you should see about posted rates.  It is one of the best ways to guarantee that you are being charged fairly.  An honest contractor doesn’t have a problem posting their rates.
  3. Ask about additional rates! Your contractor can often install charges for travel time, or added cost for part delivery, or extra overtime costs.  Remember to ask about these additional rates, and then you have an accurate estimate of what you are embarking on when you hire on the contractors.  Stay away from companies who lead with their hourly fees, this can cost you more than you imagined when they take their time!
  4. Do they offer warrantees on their services? Companies who know they do good work won’t have a problem covering some of their services.  Consider if you install a new faucet or a new toilet, all services with products should be attached to a satisfaction guarantee or warrantee.
  5. Are you licensed and insured?  Once you have made it through a handful of these questions, you probably should know if you can trust this service provider. Make sure you know if their work is certified, quality, and supported by licenses.  If it is, you need to know if they are insured and ready to take care of any accidents that can happen.  Just be prepared by asking all the basic questions to make sure that your work and project is done the right way without problems for you.
  6. Is this their specialty?  You will run into many companies now days that offer a one-stop shop or service, but ensure that you are hiring the best make sure this is something they specialize in.  If you hire just anyone to come fix your plumbing or run electricity into a basement, you may as well do things yourself!  Hire an expert you can trust.

The important thing to remember when hiring out your contractor, plumber, or electrician is to find someone that you trust.  Find a company who has prices you can agree with, but that also provide you with a little reference work.  You can find a company that is happy to provide you references while you are doing your research.  A little homework before you hire out an expensive new job, is well worth the effort.

By Lacie Christensen

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