Roofing Problems: How to Indentify Them & Find The Right Contractor to Fix Them

Owning a home sure is an incredible blessing to say the least.  Being able to pay for your house and knowing that you are moving toward ownership certainly feels better than paying rent to a landlord.  With that being said, however, a drawback to home ownership is that you are responsible for the repairs and upkeep.  One thing that you always want to keep in the mind is that your roof will need to be repaired probably every fifteen to twenty years.  While your roof can last longer, this is a general time frame.  When the time comes to replace or repair your roof, you will certainly need to hire a roofing contractor.  In this article, I am going to highlight some key things to look for in a roofing contractor, but before I do, let’s talk about things to look for in order to identify a damaged roof.

Your roof may be in need of replacement or repair if the following are noticed:

1)      Light is coming through your roof.  If this is happening, that’s a pretty obvious indication that you have some roof problems.

2)      You have water damage.  Now water damage can be tough because it can come from a number of sources with the roof only being one of those sources.

3)      Sagging roof deck

Okay.  So those are a few things to look for.  Now, once you have identified that you need to repair or replace your roof, you need to hire a contractor, and here are some things to look for in a contractor.

They Are Licensed and Insured

This is a must.  If the roofing contractor does not have a contractor license and proper insurance, don’t even consider hiring him regardless of how great his services and rates seem.  You want to make sure that you are hiring someone who is running a properly set up company and has the liability insurance to cover any mishaps. 

The Company Offers a Warranty

If you get your roof replaced, then the new roof should come with some kind of a warranty.  While the warranty may differ depending on the company and your specific situation, there should be some kind of warranty included with the installation of the new roof.

Check for Reviews

Reviews are helpful because they tend to be written from people who have no vested interest in the company, and their feedback is typically brutally honest.  To find these quality reviews, you need to visit sites like Yelp, Angies List, or the Better Business Bureau.  Any established business should have reviews of some kind on sites like these.

So, hopefully you feel better informed about how to identify a problem with your roof and what to look for in a roofing contractor.

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