Keep Your Water Heater Happy

Water is already soft so why should we be concerned with having a soft water system in our home?  The answer lies deep in the darkest depths of your home that never see the light of day.  The slow churning beast that resides in a concrete prison. 

A water softener really is a gentle giant.  On the one hand it is bulky and beastly on the outside.  It chooses to be chained to a concrete floor in complete solitude but these outer images should not be used to portray the whole animal.

On the inside this animal is the softest most caring thing walking the face of the planet.  It cares more about you and your water than you could ever know.  It makes sure your water is safe and clean which also means that you are safe and clean.  It treats every droplet of water like its own newborn child.

Why Buy?

Here are some ways this double headed beast will work tirelessly to keep you safe and clean while it toils all day long. 

  • Do you really want to be hit in the face with hard water rocks?
  • Soft water is the cool thing now.  All the young kids are showering in it.
  • Having a film of calcium all over your bathroom is not a good impression on a first date.
  • Grandma is flying in from Chicago and if your house is not perfect, neither are you.
  • We live in the United States of America and we like to keep things clean.  For example, our homes
  • Adopt a water softener today and it will make you feel better than adopting a golden retriever puppy from a jeans commercial.


A soft water system is the reason why all of your clear glass dishes look clear as a brand new fishbowl or as dirty as a monkey’s butt.  You do not want your dishes to look as dirty as a monkey’s butt. 


Let the Beast Do Work

That romantic dinner you have planned at your house for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day will quickly go sour once the plates both of you are eating off look like you just dug them up from your backyard.  Keep things moving along with crystal clean plates that the two sided beast in your basement personally made sure would be clean. 


Having a faulty water softener can even seep into your every day life outside of your home.  When you go out on Saturday night with the crew do not be the guy who has soap stains all over his overly wrinkled shirt.  Your wingman status will be demoted to “that guy over there” status.  Do not be “that guy”.


The worst part of installing a working water softener in your home is the money out of your pocket balanced against all of the pros previously mentioned.  Please, please choose to make sure the beast in your basement also maintains a soft caring side.  No one likes a cranky water softener. 


 By Brian Connor

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