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The US is advanced in our systems and technology, but so many of us rely so heavily on fossil fuels.  So it’s time to get with your electrician, your contractor, or your know-it-all neighbor and start considering setting your home up for success!  Build out a renewable energy source for your home and provide yourself a back up to all your power needs!  There are ways to be ready and this is going to walk you through setting up a home prepared for power outages!

Home Energy Solutions Broken Down

You have several choices for your energy solutions when building and prepping a home.  The most important thing is setting up a plan for conservation, efficiency, and self production

Energy conservation is essentially encouraging you and your home to move over to other solutions.  As your electrician assess you energy consumption; take into considerations what ‘green’ tools are available to you.  Find power generators in Shreveport that won’t change your consumption abilities; make sure you can still watch TV while you microwave, but find ways to conserve.  Just like there are ways to conserve water, review ways to conserve energy.  Turn out the lights, change your light bulb type, and hire the electrician to adjust your lighting controls.  If you can use settings for dimmer lights, you will be able to use less energy.

Next, try to make you home more efficient.  It is tested that of the power generated by your home, about 67% of the resources are lost before they are ever turned into electricity.  You also lose about 90% of the energy from fossil fuels while you are trying to heat your home.  There are ways to change this, making your home more efficient.  Your electrician can help you insulate your wires better; they can help you move to new solutions.  Always update your appliances to use the best possible wattage and efficiency.  Electricians powered by NECA can do energy audits to determine where you are wasting the most energy.  Then you will have better power to assess what you are paying for.  If it is an appliance you can upgrade, or if it is something you can do without!  There are ways to asses and gauge what your consumption is and make you and your home better with using power efficiency!

Last, you should make sure you can produce your own energy.  This is one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle!  You need to be able to produce your own energy, and one of the best ways to do this is talk to your mentor about solar energy.  This is not like the old days; this is technology a lot more advanced than you used to see with calculators and old tools.  The government is even trying to promote solar energy use by offering tax breaks or other Federal incentives.  Being ‘green’ is becoming more important as the world is consuming so much.

Solar generators and panels in your home are an essential piece to ensuring that you are prepared for unforeseen events.  Think about the reliance of you and your family on power.  We charge everything now days, we cook using only fossil fuels, and we rely so heavily our modern devices.  Think about the risks and the losses you would take with not being prepared in the event that your power goes out.  The best way to prevent this is to really set up a home with enough solar power creation to sustain your home long term.

Energy Consumptions

You are responsible for your carbon footprints and your consumption of energy.  Make sure you are being wise in how you use the Earth’s precious resources.  Don’t be greedy, we need to start looking into alternative options and the best way to start this process is to work with your local electrician on how you and your home can go green!  Really consider the testing of your electricity, see where you are wasting the most!

By Lacie Christensen

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