4 Tools Every Homeowner Needs before Remodeling the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it doesn’t get that way on its own – a great kitchen is the product of a great designer. Are you planning a remodeling project? A kitchen transformation requires an incredible amount of planning and foresight, but this guide will suggest four resources that will help to get your project started off on the right foot.

This list of tools doesn’t contain your ordinary tape measures and graph paper. This is a list of tools for the creative side of the project.

Putting Together a Planning Toolbox

1. Inspiration

The scrapbook will be the heart of your project. Start with inspirational magazine clippings, lists of emotions you want your kitchen to invoke, sketches of potential layouts, tips shared by friends, etc. Make sure that you have room for a folder but don’t buy a binder – you want to be able to jot down ideas as you go. Keep this scrapbook with you every time you do anything related to planning the kitchen.

2. Imagination

You can’t buy this tool at the store. Imagination is a skill worth cultivating for this project. Think about how you will use your kitchen – what is the routine for making tea? For taking out the garbage? For feeding the dog? Visualize every aspect, and visualize them with a realistic touch. Imagine every drawer that you will need to access, think about the items that will occupy your hands while doing certain tasks.

3. Guidance

Look beyond magazine-style inspiration for guidance. Look to real people. Join online forums or scout out blogs dedicated to kitchen design and read through the projects of others. Post a status update on your favorite social networking website requesting personal insights. Sometimes homeowner experience trumps the expertise of design magazines regarding factors like convenience, durability, and tried-and-true functionality.

4. Flexibility

You have to remain flexible, because every remodeling project requires input from a kitchen designer. Friends and family are great but they don’t compare to the technical expertise of a professional. A kitchen design consultation may cost a few hundred dollars, but think about the capital you are pouring into the kitchen itself. A professional designer will be able to spot the technical issues before they arise, like drawer-footpath conflicts or poor layout choices. Always have a design professional review the final layout before handing it over to the contractors.

Is your pool of resources beginning to grow? There is no such thing as being “too prepared”. Remodeling and home renovation projects are often muddle with unexpected complications. Jumping in headfirst may be exciting but nothing is more exciting than using the ideal kitchen for the very first time – and the ideal kitchen can only come from thorough planning.

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