Useful Advice About Installing New Wallpaper In A Room

If you are planning to remodel a room or section of the house then installing new wallpaper is one of the first steps you can do to change things around.  Getting rid of old or damaged wallpaper can dramatically change the look of an area and the following article is meant to explain how you can do this the easiest way possible.

Prime The Wall

Take a piece of sandpaper and smooth out the wall.  Make sure you sand out all the rough edges and any bubbles that might be present in the wall.

Take wallpaper primer and coat the wall with it. Use a small foam roller and a foam roller tray to accomplish this. You might want to have a tarp on the floor in case some of it might spill on the ground.

Measure The Strips

Take the wallpaper roll and measure how long the wallpaper strips will have to be.  Go over the length that you think you will need by several inches.  Remember you can always cut the excess paper off later but you want to avoid having a strip that is too short.

Add Glue

Take some wallpaper glue or adhesive and add it to the back of the wallpaper.  Do not add the adhesive to the actual wall, as this will cause air bubbles to form.  Make sure you do not add too much glue, instead adding a thin coat onto the paper.

These days, many types of wallpaper come pre-glued.  All you have to do to make the back of the wallpaper sticky with a damp washcloth.  Just be certain not to douse the back of the wallpaper with too much water.  You only need a little moisture for the glue on the back to activate and make the paper stick to the wall.

Place the strips on the wall. Do not overlap the strips but instead place them side by side each other.   Smooth the wallpaper strips out with your hand.

Seam Roller

Many people make the mistake of using the seam roller prematurely. It is a bad idea to use the seam roller when the wallpaper glue is still wet.  You end up rolling out the entire adhesive and then the paper does not stick to the wall like it should.

Instead, wait a little while until the wallpaper has become tacky and then use the seam roller to get it perfectly how you like it. Seam rollers are great for getting the wallpaper to look smooth and neat like you want it.

Finally, the job is done.  Your new room has new wallpaper on it and it looks brand new. Congradulations!  Now go pour yourself a glass of wine.


This how to article was written by Doyle Sumrall of Total Wallcovering. They are a small wallpaper warehouse that specializes in murals, borders and specialty wallpaper.   When Doyle is not working he enjoys helping home owners by writing home improvement articles about various topics.

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