Top 10 Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms when it comes to renovating houses, the other being the bathroom. Depending on your financial capabilities, a kitchen remodeling project can be a heavy-budget or light-budget one. Once you have set a budget, there are about ten excellent ideas that will be highly beneficial during the kitchen remodeling.

Determine the most suitable kitchen layout

The modern kitchen is at the heart of the home, and you will want your new kitchen to be spacious and classy. If you are upgrading from traditional kitchens, create an open floor plan instead of a kitchen that is a dead end.

Also ensure that the “work-triangle”, which refers to the six-feet-apart placement of the stove, sink and refrigerator, is optimally mapped out to reduce unnecessary movement while going about your cooking business.

Select quality fixtures

The style and tone of the kitchen are enhanced by the furniture installed. Balance aesthetics, cost and durability in your selection of cabinets, cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as it will accentuate the kitchen’s beauty while ensuring the materials are strong and functional.

You can opt to use one of the popular materials for cabinets, which include synthetics, solid hardwoods (these are such as alder, poplar, maple and cherry) and wood veneers.

Choose between painting and staining

Painting is the more popular than staining amongst home owners, although you should weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. You can do staining on your own and the colors are available in multiple shades while with painting, the process involved is longer and the finishing is more expensive. Touch-ups are also often difficult and you have to bring in professionals.

Color selection

Color contributes to the harmony of the room. Combine stimulating and relaxing colors. This makes the kitchen relaxing enough to work in without being made to feel hungry.

Countertop selection

The kitchen countertop is essential in giving the room a certain tone and in reflecting your lifestyle. The alternatives you will find range from marble to granite and laminate. Choose the countertop that matches with the rest of the kitchen, and whose cost is within your budget.

Kitchen sink selection

The function of the kitchen sink usually outweighs the appearance. You will find a wide array of styles of kitchen sinks, but your choice should be determined by the intended use of the sink. Remember to also weigh in the proportionality of both the sink and kitchen size.

Plan for storage

Make one area of the kitchen, the storage area instead of having food in different cabinets all over the room just so you can fill the space available. With the refrigerator or other cold storage facilities, allocate as much space and money as you can.

The larger the appliance is the more food you will store and thus the longer food in your kitchen will last without going bad.

Install proper lighting

If the older model of your kitchen was dark, have windows added during the renovations in order to have adequate natural light. You can also have task and ambient lighting installed for use at night. Some lights, such as pendant lightings, are designed to accentuate the kitchen’s tone.

Create a break from the horizontal line

A kitchen will look static and rigid when the lines at the bottom and top rows of the cabinets are horizontal. You should stagger the depth, length and height of the cabinet walls. With this break, the kitchen will look updated.

Hire a professional

You need a professional specialized in either contemporary or kitchen designs when remodeling your kitchen. Architects, interior designers, engineers and general contractors are some of the experts you may have to put under your payroll. Make sure they are creative and their ideas are realistic.

Do you have any other kitchen remodeling ideas that worked for you?

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