Tankless Water Heaters Fitted By an Experienced Plumber Could Save a Lot of Your Money

Have you been in the situation where you are the last to take a wash and, half way, you get a very cold gift? Or have you turned on your hot water and, sometimes, get your hands scalded? The main reason may be that you are using a traditional water heater. You could get a plumber to install a tankless unit in your home that can retain a constant temperature while saving your money in the long term.

You may wonder as to how they work. Most electric tankless heaters are not too big, preset to specific temperatures, usually hung on the walls of homes. When a hot faucet is turned on, the device is activated by the water flow and the heating process begins instantly. Therefore, your water will be heated only when you need it to.

Unnecessary expenditure on energy wasted for keeping the heater running on standby, such as traditional water heaters that have to store hot water, is eliminated. Storing water turns out to be expensive because the water has to be kept hot constantly, even when it is not in use. Getting one of these new water heaters installed should be done by the hands of a professional in order to work properly and efficiently.

Speaking of efficiency, because the tankless heater does not have to maintain a constant temperature, there will be an actual reduction in your electricity bill. The traditional ones switch off and on to keep the water at a constant temperature, even if you are not at home. This leads to a huge waste of energy but a tankless unit will switch it on only when you need hot water.

If you ask an experienced plumber about the differences of a traditional unit and a tankless one, he will most probably speak of overheating as well. Because traditional units also run throughout the day, the water in them tends to overheat, leading to their users having many unpleasant experiences. Such a thing occurring with tankless heaters is totally impossible because the thermostat and the on-demand feature used for heating prevent such things happening.

In fact, most conventional tanks add cold water to make the water temperature more usable if it is too hot when you need to use hot water. This is all a waste of your hard earned money and also bad for the environment as well. A tankless unit, fitted properly, will help save approximately twenty to fifty percent on your electricity bill easily.

They are efficient in many other ways as well. Because a conventional water heater takes up a lot of space, you would most probably have to put aside a significant amount of room in your home for it. But the newest heaters are so small; you will not even notice their existence except when you need hot water.

These tankless heaters usually come with a warranty but should be fitted by an experienced plumber in order for the warranty to be valid. There are no leaks because no water is stored in them. So if you are tired of high electricity bills and are also concerned about the environment, tankless water is what you should get for your hot water needs.

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