Call a Good Plumber When You Find a Leak

To find a good plumber you’re comfortable with get recommendations. Ask your friends who are actual home owners and not renters as this type of plumber will be more independent and want your business. Every home owner has had to call in a plumber at some point so asking a home owning friend is a great way of getting a good personal reference.

In the mean time, save money and protect your home by installing insulation around the pipes in your home. These are the pipes that run along the side of your home and are affected by the weather changes. This will prevent them from freezing. It doesn’t cost a lot of money but can save you a lot of time, money and energy down the line by preventing the pipes from freezing. Don’t let another winter pass without doing this step. You’re just taking your chances otherwise.

Also, another good safety tip is to check the gas water heater occasionally to make sure the pilot flame is lit. Look for a flame that is the right color. The tip of the flame should be yellow and the rest of it should be blue. If there’s only a yellow flame, you may need to call in your plumber to have a look at it.

For leak detection you’ll want to do a foundation evaluation. You may need a leak rework if you find a slab leak in the cement. Calling a plumber who is a specialist in slab rework is best. They can discover the smallest of cracks and stop problems before they start. As well, they can determine if you actually need repair done or if there was a previous problem in the plumbing.

There are usually 2 reasons the foundation would need repair or some rework. Either cracks in the sewer system or cracks in the water lines. It’s vital to get repairs done right away if that’s the case. Even if it’s just a teeny crack in a water pipe, it can increase your water bill substantially by losing thousands of gallons of water a month.

However, sewer pipe leaks can last for years without anyone noticing. When someone does notice it’s because there is a ground swell on the property. Often times there aren’t any other signs of a sewer leak. If it goes on for too long, a sewer leak has been known to cause such ground swelling that the building will be raised. This result is known as “heaving”.

Sometimes you can spot domes in the soil that indicate where the leak is coming from. Have a professional check the foundation for the possible location of the water and/or sewage pipe damage. A trained eye can catch foundation damage in cement slabs and other types of property deformations.

The best thing to do is catch any problems early. Perform regular inspections of your home and property throughout the year and during every season. Then, call in a plumber at the first sign of leakage or cracks. The cost for the initial call could be well worth it in the end. Contact Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services at 3 Perimeter Road, Unit 3, Manchester, NH 03103. Or call them at (603) 669-9040.

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