Home Improvement Ideas for your Closet

Take a second to think about the amount of time and energy (not to mention money!) you have put into crafting the perfect wardrobe. With so much invested in your clothing, shoes, and accessories you should consider upgrading your boring closet to match the level of effort that you have put into attaining your outfits! Closet home improvement projects are very fun and rewarding because your wardrobe is often a center of pride. By providing your clothing with a beautiful closet you can make your job of putting away, organizing, and displaying clothing and accessories a fun and exciting task!

A messy and unorganized closet often leads to dirty or wrinkled clothing and tangled accessories. If your closet is in need of a home improvement makeover, try incorporating a few of these ideas:

  • Use pull-out shelves underneath hanging clothing for your shoe collection. This will make shoes easy to reach and easy to put away. Organization is all about simplicity, the easier it is to organize, the easier it will be to keep your areas clean and clutter-free.
  • Keep your most prized clothing possessions safe behind glass doors. Glass doors are also a great way to showcase your favorite clothing to any friends or guests viewing your walk-in or reach-in closet.
  • Add cedar lining to the back of your closet to be completely sure that no pests damage your investments.
  • There are a huge number of closet organizing systems that you can use for your shoes, hats, ties, etc. Home improvement projects should be fun, especially when you are improving the way you use and interact with your closet on an everyday basis!
  • Ladies! Never worry about your expensive jewelry collection again when you integrate a jewelry organizer that fits right into the safe incorporated into your closet!
  • Flawless integration of a pull-out ironing board will keep all of your clothing pressed and looking fresh as ever. The pull-out ironing board, available through the organizational experts at Tailored Living, will fold away into a drawer when not in use so it doesn’t have to be in the way.
  • Pull-out or tilt-out hampers are a great way to store your soiled clothing. Try using two hampers for organizing your whites and colors for an easy laundry day.

If you spend a lot of time in your closet getting ready for work in the morning or to go out in the evening, you may want to try incorporating a television and small bench to sit on while trying your clothes on. Your closet home improvement project should be fun and cater to your needs! If you need help seeing your dream become reality, give the experts at Tailored Living a call today!

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