The Truth About Packing Materials

The truth about packing materials is that everyone needs them if they want to make sure that their belongings arrive safely and undamaged. There are some exceptions though as not all materials have to be purchased because substitutions can be made for certain materials, such as filler paper. Everyone has heard of using newspaper as a filler paper but this is not a good idea in the first place because of the inks that newspaper has which can possibly bleed into and stain anything that is wrapped in it or touches it. There is nothing worse than porcelain collectibles stained with yesterday’s news.

When it comes to packing materials what has to be had is tape, filler paper to keep belongings from shifting around and to wrap items, markers and of course boxes to pack the items into. The great thing is that some of these items can be found for free or little cost. Knowing where to look is the key and having the time to do so; a little planning ahead for the move helps too.

Tape almost always has to be purchased to seal up packed boxes, this is just an item that not many give away. Boxes on the other hand can be found in many places. Some of the places to look for free boxes are in grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies. Usually these kinds of place have many shipments of items and dispose of hundreds of boxes every month and simply requesting some used boxes will land a good amount of corrugated boxes.

Filler paper is the easiest to find for free or otherwise said “no cost”. In fact, most of the time one can just replace the average filler paper with old rags and sheets. These will do the job just as good as a crumpled piece of paper. Filler paper is also one of the most important materials as well. This is due to the fact that the filler paper acts as a buffer between items packed and fills the empty space so that things do not move about inside the box. Another way to come across some good filler paper is to go to a small town newspaper publisher and ask about a roll of paper that may have been damaged. Publishers have tons of paper rolls shipped in every month and sometimes they get damaged. No reason to let them just discard these useful rolls of paper.

Markers are an easy one, just raid some drawers in the home or if you have kids then just check their backpacks. The dollar store also has bargain markers, no reason to go “Sharpie” for this application. If the time isn’t available to search for free materials because it indeed does take some time to hunt down these materials for no cost, then a good option is to just purchase them as they really are not too expensive. Just make sure that when it comes to fragile items that all the necessary steps are taken to prevent damage. Proper packing techniques can be found at many online sources.

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