How to Choose Granite Flooring

If you are tired with your worn, kitchen flooring then maybe it is time to replace it for something new and exciting. There are many choices for your new floor so make sure you choose the one that suits you best. If, however, you have already weighed you options and are considering natural stone then there are some things you should keep in mind while installing granite flooring in Baton Rouge.

Choosing the Style and Color

If you are perfectly happy with your current color scheme then make sure you take a sample of the shades with you when you go to find you flooring. Of course, you could also use this opportunity to redecorate a little. The first thing to consider when making your decision is how much light the room regularly receives. If there are plenty of windows and you rarely have trouble with not having enough light then you can put in light or dark flooring. On the other hand, if the space is darker and very little sunlight manages to enter the room then you will want to avoid darker shades of flooring. There are six main base colors for granite ranging from black to green to white. Granite is easier to match to your preferred style because there are usually several different shades mixed with the base color. Once you have settled on a particular style and color make sure to take a sample home with you to see what it will look like in the actual room.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages

It is easy to focus on the good things of any given product but when you are going to invest a great deal of money into it then you should be aware of both sides. Natural stone is durable and will last longer than most options you might consider but it is also slippery, especially when it gets wet. It does not conduct heat very well so it will be colder. Stone is typically easier to clean and will not damage as easy as others do. Even with the simpler cleaning you will want to make sure you know what cleaners you can use so as not to damage the sealer used on the floor. When it comes to the sealer and knowing what is safe to use, you should always check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Just a Few More Things

Installing granite flooring in Baton Rouge is a complex process and can be expensive so it will be less stressful for you to hire an expert, but make sure you are always keeping your budget in mind. Along with your initial budget for the installation you should also plan that you will be resealing it about every two years. There are some types of granite that have a more involved cleaning process, like flamed granite, so make sure you know which kind you are buying. You should also keep in mind that if you are putting your new floor in an area that regularly has heavy traffic then it will wear quicker.

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