Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Room

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry room remodeling can be quite a pain, especially considering the fact that there are water hookups and multiple large electrical appliances in each space, with perhaps the exception of the bathroom.

You’ve been working on your bathroom remodel now for a few months and you’ve finally completed everything you set out to do. You have a beautiful walk in shower, a nice Jacuzzi tub and the colors and bright and fun, reflecting your personality. Now the only problem that remains is the kitchen. You’ve been working on saving to update your appliances so that they fit into this century and you’ve finally purchased a dishwasher and oven that you are quite excited about. On top of that you’ve tried to make everything earth friendly so that you aren’t using as much energy and can save yourself a buck or two.


Before you install your new appliances, I have a few suggestions for you. The first is to call your electrician. You want to make sure that everything is taken care of and that the items you have chosen work well with your home and your electrical set up. The last thing you need is a blow up in the kitchen.

Additionally, assuming you’ve done your research, you’ll need to make sure that the products you’ve purchase are actually what you were wanting for your home. Does the oven have all the gadgets you need to cook how you’d like? Is the dishwasher hooked up to the water source and ready to go? For this one you may want to talk to your local plumber to ensure you haven’t made any costly mistakes.

As a side-note, if you are getting a dishwasher because you feel that the water stains on your dishes are from an old tired dishwasher, think again. What you should be worried about instead is your water softener. When a water softener is properly installed and hooked up the dirty dishes look will go away and you won’t have to worry about re-washing them after they’ve been through the dishwasher.

Of course, if you need a dishwasher anyways, there is no harm in taking care of both of these items at the same time.

Other Appliances to Consider

Adding a water softener can have additional benefits when it comes to the bathroom and laundry room as well, making it a very beneficial purchase when remodeling a home. We have put together a small list of benefits you can gain from adding a water softener to your home remodeling list:

  • Cleaner dishes
  • Longer lasting clothes
  • Whiter whites and more vivid colors for longer
  • Less skin drying in the shower
  • Lifespan of pipes, drains, faucets and other water appliances lengthened
  • Cut cleaning time
  • Better soap and shampoo lather
  • Saves you money!

A water softener can last for up to ten years and according to some sources usually pays for itself in less than half that time. Congratulations, if you decide to purchase a water softener for your home, you’ve just made a great investment!

Meanwhile, as you are remodeling you should also make sure your home can handle the appliances you are installing. Sometime electrical circuits in older homes are not built to handle all of the energy you are sending through them. Even though most appliances now days are more energy efficient it is still good to check with your electrician before choosing to install any new electrical appliances. If you blow a fuse or start a fire from increased electrical usage in a place that doesn’t have the circuitry necessary you could be looking at a lot of extra hard work.

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