Packing Clothes for Moving

Moving to a new home requires a lot of organizing and preparation and clothes are one of the major things we take along on the journey to our new life. For the most part we expect to have an easy time just putting most of them in our suitcases or luggage and we’re done. However what we don’t understand is that moving them while moving out is a whole new deal, especially if we have lived at the same location for years. Add to that the fluctuations in weight and waist sizes the average person goes through and our ever-evolving and changing sense of fashion and you usually end up with a whole pile of clothes that need moving. Here are some tips on how to pack them right:

1. Get rid of what you don’t need
Like we mentioned before, we end up with hoards of clothes we don’t wear anymore and we’ll never wear again. Consider donating the clothes you don’t wear to thrift shops can be a great way to help others and to trim your wardrobe preparing for the move. Throw away clothes you deem too damaged or worn out to be worn.

2. Pack off-season clothing first
Considering you’ll not wear them at this time these should be the first clothes you should pack. If you’re moving during the summer make sure you place moth balls in with your winter clothes just in case. A good way to pack large clothes and to save space are vacuum storage bags, which will allow you to double the storage capacity of the boxes you’ll use for packing the clothes. Make sure you sort everything you own by season and to label them properly.

3. Consider buying wardrobe boxes
These boxes are a great way to store a pretty decent amount of clothes on clothes racks and they serve as a perfect way to store business attire without messing it up. Buying a few of those you will most likely be able to afford to store most of your clothes within.

4. Use cardboard boxes for the rest
The majority of the casual clothing we wear is not as sensitive as business attires, so those can easily be folded in a more casual manner and stored inside these boxes. Make sure as you fill them in to pick them up from time to time so you can evaluate the weight; clothes packed tightly together can quickly become heavy so pay attention and pull some out if you need to. Make sure you label them correctly and by person as well if you’re not living alone; Its easy to mess up clothes while moving.

5. Pack shoes separately from clothes
Shoes are after all pretty dirty and unless you plan on wrapping them with plastic or something else while working on the packing you might want to placing them in shoe boxes if you’ve kept them around after purchase. If you’re not packing with shoe boxes make sure you stuff the shoes with paper or socks so they can keep their shape.

6. Avoid placing valuables, breakables or jewelry along with your clothes
Jewelry can snag on to parts of clothing and can easily break or damage the clothes. Also avoid placing liquids between clothes as a way of padding them. If the bottle or object breaks you’ll only end up making a mess of your clothes.

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