Packing Vinyl Records and Compact Discs for Moving

If you have a large collection of records and you cherish them as much as any true fan of good music than you already know how vulnerable those records can be while on the move. Whether listening to that music by yourself and not thinking about selling them or simply having them as collector pieces you must already know the need of proper storing when shipping or moving a large collection. There are ways to do this right and this guide will give you a few good tips on how to achieve it:

1. Packing LPs right
Make sure you have the right type of cardboard mailer for that purpose as using DIY materials can be detrimental to the quality of the product. If the record came with a plastic cover make sure you place the record outside its cardboard cover as this will stop it from tearing at the corners because of moving around. Another way of solving that problem is by placing enough cardboard inserts to keep the record from moving. Make sure there is enough padding inside to do that as it is imperative in keeping the record safe.

2. Protecting 78 rpm records
They are very sensitive since they were made from shellac, a much more easily breakable and brittle substance vinyl. To make matters worse they were sold without the well-recognized cardboard jackets but rather in paper sleeves. For that very reason they need extra protection and also a slightly smaller shipper than the one used for regular LPs, around 10 and a half inches. Placing them in bubble-wrap is a really good idea since it serves as extra layers of protection.

3. Packing 45 rpm records
You will need a mailer of about 7 and a half inches size, one with inserts if possible. Make sure you follow the same rules as per LP records and to use enough bubble-wrap to cushion them safely. It is extremely important to do that since a lot of the old records lose their flexibility with age and just like any other thing become more and more vulnerable to impacts, bending and other dangers.

4. Packing CDs right
Luckily with the advancement of technology the materials became a lot easier to handle and relatively more sturdy. There are several ways of shipping them and places where one might obtain the right kind of box. For that purpose make sure you choose boxes capable of housing the jewel cases in which CDs. Although they are more sturdy you must still make there won’t be any moving around during transport. Sudden impacts and rocking can crack jewel cases and although that won’t likely damage the discs themselves it will affect their overall value in case you want to sell them. Here are some examples on the types of boxes you should NOT use:

Paper envelopes, DIY cardboard boxes not made for this and mailer boxes which don’t have the space for cushioning. Whatever you do avoid placing records near hard surfaces like metal, or wood, as in between sheets of those. Avoid using non-industry packing materials and make sure you place all records and discs in the vertical position to avoid them breaking in case of sudden impacts.

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