Rebuilding After a Disaster: Know Your Priorities

Whether you’ve actually been through a national disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina or 9/11 or have just talked to people who have, you know that these are the kind of situations that make grown men cry. These kind of disasters are the ones that are most hard to come back from.

However, you don’t have to have been through a national disaster to understand the sense of loss that accompanies a personal disaster. Fires, flooding, severe mold, earthquakes, storms, family loss, theft and death are circumstances that anyone and everyone may suffer from to some extent throughout their lives.

When this occurs it is nice to know that there is somewhere to turn for help to start rebuilding not only your home, but your hope.

Fire, flooding, molding, storm damage and earthquakes can take down entire houses and bring families down with them. I know three families who have personally dealt with the loss of homes due to fire, and another who lives in hurricane ridden Florida and must face the possibility of tropical storm damage every single year.

Hire a Contractor

Having a contractor to turn to for help to rebuild is a gift that no one can ever really know the value of until it is necessary. Clean-up is the first step, of course, and if you live in the Alabama, Huntsville area you can count on the localAPEX DKI, disaster clean-up services, to jump right in. There are disaster clean-up units in other locations throughout the United States, you can look for them in your area.

After you’ve cleaned up the mess, you need to decide what is most important. If you start building right away, you’ll have to understand that the competition and demands on many contracting companies is high, so you should take their advice and settle for something small at first that can easily be added onto as demand returns to normal.

You should also consider starting with the bare essentials. Expecting your home to be exactly as it was before disaster struck is unrealistic. Even if you had all of the items that were in the old structure this would be nearly impossible.

Know the Beginning from the End

Like I mentioned briefly, start by putting four walls around you and a roof over your head. You may have to live out of trailers or a hotel for a few months, but in the long run, even a little place to call your home is better than nothing.

Leave the details for later. Details will give your house additional flavor and style, but they aren’t necessary as you are first building and can often be completed on your own. Why spend your precious valuable dollars on having someone else do something you can do for free.

Lastly, insure the structure is more safely and soundly built in case you are in a disaster prone area. This can help you ensure that your home can withstand more of a similar type of pressure.

My name is Heidi Rothert and I write articles for APEX of Huntsville helping people recognize the value of a disaster clean-up service in their area.

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