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1811532_f520Are you looking for a new house plan? Looking for your dream home to build? You can find thousands of different house plans online. When I was building houses, I built three from plans I found online. There are important issues you need to look for when looking for a house plan. One is, do you want an architect to design the whole plan for you, or get a pre-drawn plan from online. The latter is cheaper, but not custom to your every detail and desire. Usually the pre-made plans are around $500 and up.

You can can still customize it to an extent, ways you can do this is changing the interior walls, or where lights go, closets, doors etc. You can redesign a lot of the inside to your liking. I even flipped the whole house on one so it was opposite of how the plan was. My favorite thing to do is designing the the house, what goes where, and opening it up, I love as much open space as possible inside.

Here are some of the things we look for when searching for a house plan.

There are many styles and types of houses to choose from, it all comes down to personal taste. Here are a few:
Cape Cod
Among the earliest and most common building types, this house is characterized by its 1½ story eaves, front five-bay central entry plan. These houses are usually two rooms deep, sometimes with smaller rooms along the back.

Classic Cottage
Similar to the Cape Cod, the Classic Cottage has a slightly higher eaves-front wall that has small windows in the upstairs knee wall

Two story rectangular, eaves-front symmetrical building with a central entrance.

Four Square
Economical to build, these two-story square homes with hipped or gable roofs

These are but a few of the many available to choose from. All have their plus and minus, and again, it all goes to personal taste.

Square footage
Obviously, square footage can affect all of how the house flows and style. More square footage is not always best, for me, it means more cleaning, and depending on how everything is set up, can be more of a hassle. I prefer about an 1800 square foot house, my wife prefers over 2,000 sqr feet.

Floor Plan
We prefer a more open plan, with plenty of space, high ceilings, and for me, the kitchen open to the TV area. My wife does not like this, and prefers a kitchen that is walled off from the TV viewing area. One other thing to look for is if it is built 2×4 construction or 2×6 construction. There are different reasons for choosing either one, 2×4 is cheaper, however, 2×6 on exterior walls allow for more insulation, which helps in energy cost.

Room Size
Obviously, having a large room, especially for the master bedroom. Small and cramped is not the way to go, so be careful when you choose a plan, and really think about how large the rooms are, and also how the master bath is located. A walk-in closet is a must for me, but not necessary for everyone. Closet size is also important for all bedrooms.

How many bathrooms is important, if you have only one, well, thats alot of sharing depending on how many people are living there. You should have at least 2 1/2 baths, which allows one full bath for you and guest, and also allows for 1/2 bath for guests away from the rooms.

2 or 3 car garage is also a good idea. One car garage is pretty much useless. Having some storage space located in the garage is also a must if possible.

There are different ways that your foundation can be built, Slab, which is a cement slab built up from it. Or, a crawlspace foundation, which allows access underneath

One thing you need to realize with a roof, the cooler it looks, with peaks and gables, the more expensive it can be. You can create a lot of cost from your roof, and also depends on the type of shingles used as well.

Ceiling height
Typically, most ceilings are 8 feet high, anything higher creates more cost, and also affects how the roof sits. I saved a lot of money on one house by lowering the ceilings to 8 or 9 ft, allowing the roof to be built lower and saving tons of money on material.

These are some of the things you need to look for when finding your dream house. Good luck!

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