The Importance Of Plumbers

Getting the water in a house to run as it should is a little more difficult than gluing a few connections together. I have been on a few jobs that did not work out as well as they should, and I can definitely say that when plumbing is not done right, disasters follow. Because of the problems I have seen with do-it-yourself projects, I will always trust professional plumbers to do my plumbing work for me. Some connections only require a collar to be screwed down over a rubber gasket. When the collar is tight enough, the gasket gets smashed and forms a tight seal. If the collar is not tight, then water can leak around the gasket.

I was helping a neighbor and his son redo their plumbing for an updated upstairs bathroom. My neighbor warned his son and I to make sure that we made all these connections as tight as possible. I spent a long time on the two connections I put together. My neighbor’s son went significantly faster than I did, but when his dad asked him about the connections, he was adamant that he was doing a good job. He didn’t and we did not find out that he had done a poor job until after we had hung drywall. The family had begun to use the bathroom again and soon noticed a water stain under the bathroom. We had to tear out all the drywall and tighten those connections.

As we finished, I could hear my neighbor grumbling about how he should have just hired plumbers. Some other connections should be glued together. In my experience, you can never use too much glue, but I had a friend who skimped on his glue. He was trying to save money, but he ended up causing himself a lot of needless expense. None of his glued connections were water tight, but all of them were tight enough to resist pulling them apart. He had to cut out each of the faulty connections and redo them. He spent probably triple the money he should have to fix his mistakes. He later confided in me that he wished he would have just gone with plumbers. He could have saved himself the embarrassment, the extra cost, and the wasted effort.

Plumbers know what they are doing and can get the job done right the first time. I have also worked with a couple of plumbers. I got my job assisting these plumbers based on my experience with do-it-yourself plumbing. They liked the fact that I could already talk the talk somewhat and that I knew a little about plumbing. They ended up having to reteach me pretty much all that I ever knew, but I learned quickly. Mostly, what I learned is that plumbing is not something you should just make up as you go. Many of the repair calls that we received were for problems with faulty do-it-yourself jobs. Usually, the wife called us and the husband showed us his mistake with many a sheepish grin. Everyone of these situations was extremely awkward for everyone involved.

Plumbers are skilled craftsmen. I have heard some people call them blue collar or low class, but I cannot agree with what these labels imply. Plumbers are not worthless blue-collar workers. They are saints for meekly taking the abuse they receive in some cases as they put their best work forward. I will always trust my plumbing work to real plumbers. I have experience but not enough to do the job correctly. I would rather assist a real plumber than plumb myself into a messy situation.

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