How You Can You Restain Your Kitchen Cabinets At Home

If you want to kick up the appearance of your kitchen by a notch then you will have to engage in the troublesome task of restaining kitchen cabinets. If you have natural wooden cabinets in your kitchen then you will notice that with time these would develop stains, cracks, peeling paint or just become faded. Hence in order to make the cabinets shiny and new and to restore the beauty they had in them originally you can restain them. Restaining kitchen cabinets can be done by professionals or contractors but if you want a cheaper alternative then you should do it yourself. Even though this may be an arduous task, but the end results makes it all worth the effort.

Getting Ready For Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

Prior to restaining kitchen cabinets you must get them ready first. You can refinish them while they are attached to the wall but if you want to make the process simpler then you should remove them. A series of screws are generally used for the purpose of attaching the cabinets, so by unscrewing these you will be able to take the cabinets off the wall. Before you restain your cabinets you have to clean it first and take out all the screws, hinges, handles and decorative metal pieces (if any).

After ensuring that the wooden cabinets are cent percent clean you will have to get rid of the paint or old stain with the help of the stripper. You will have to take into account the current finish on your cabinets when choosing your stripper. If your cabinets have plenty of traces of old stain then a stain stripper would help. A gel stripper can be used for the purpose of removing strong paints like those with polyurethane finish. You can follow the instructions given on the stripper and use a steel wool pad or a paint brush for applying it to your cabinet. Apply this along the direction of the grain, you should never apply against it. If there are some carvings or difficult-to-reach corners in your cabinets then you can use a toothpick for applying the stripper there. Follow the waiting time given on the instructions of your stripper, generally it takes about ten minutes’ time before you are allowed to remove the stripper from the cabinet. When you remove the stripper, the paint or varnish would have softened and it would come off along with the stripper. You need to wipe the area with a clean and dry cloth immediately. Now you can start the restaining process.

Making Your Kitchen Look Brand New By Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

Once you have cleaned the wood thoroughly with a stripper and made it smooth using sandpaper you can start the process of restaining kitchen cabinets. You can paint on the stain you like with long and smooth strokes. Apply just one coat and make sure it is even. Once the first coat is dry, you can use sandpaper on it gently in order to make it smooth. After this you can apply the second coat and then the finishing varnish or lacquer. A recommendation here would be the polyurethane varnish in either glossy or matte finish. Use two coats of this varnish and ensure that you allow the first coat to rest for at least a day before painting on the second coat. Once everything is done you can remount the kitchen cabinets.

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