Your Renovation is an Opportunity

Planning a major renovation of your home is an overwhelming process. Costs mount and budgets are revised. Calls to the bank to confirm equity lines are made, and compromises are agreed on concerning materials to be used when prices don’t come in at the desired spot. Aesthetic decisions cause stress, as it seems like there are a million great ideas for every surface and finish in the place. And finding a contractor you can trust is always anxiety-inducing. In the midst of this, most people tend to concentrate on the obvious: The physical changes to existing rooms. What people should be thinking about as well is the opportunities that a renovation offers.

The renovation is going to be disruptive no matter what you do. Tearing out walls, living without a kitchen, walking on plywood pathways this will happen. Since it’s going to happen anyway, why not take the opportunities to go above and beyond the scope of a mere aesthetic remodel, and do some serious investigation and remediation in your home?

1. Strengthen Structure

If your floors and ceilings are going to be open anyway, take the opportunity to investigate the framing and joists behind everything. In older homes floors sink, so this might be the right time to raise them up and level them, as well as reinforce compromised beams and supports. Instead of simply doing the surfaces, make sure everything down to the studs is as strong as can be.

2. Modernize Infrastructure

You may have to anyway if you’re touching the electric or plumbing, but even if your plans don’t call for that, a major renovation is the perfect opportunity to make sure your wiring and plumbing is up to date and the most efficient systems possible. Upgrading your electrical panel can give you flexibility for the future, and older homes can always benefit from updated wiring and plumbing. Consider the possibilities of a tank-less water heater or under-floor heating for the winter. Why not if you’re going to be tearing out the walls and floors anyway?

3. Change the Flow

When we buy houses we often don’t know for certain how the home will work for us, and over the years it’s not uncommon to discover annoying aspects of the house you weren’t aware of at first. So, now you’re bringing a crew to demo the kitchen why stop there? Instead of doing ten renovations in twenty years, do them all now. Think about how you could improve the flow of the house, think about what annoys you about it and how you might fix it. This is your chance you’re going to be miserable for a while anyway, why not get the most back for your pain?

Renovations are always longer and more stressful than expected. Bringing as much as possible into the scope of your next renovation project makes the pain worth more, and instead of a home that’s merely had a surface facelift, you can have a home that has been made into your ideal space. All it takes is the willingness to see the opportunities the decision to renovate offer.

John Clow is an employee of Ladders Direct – a division of Clow Group Ltd, the largest privately owned manufacturer of access equipment in the UK. They have been manufacturing ladders for 100 years and offer the highest quality aluminum ladders, electrical ladders,folding scaffoldand much, much more.

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