Top Ten Questions To Ask Your Contractor

When buying a new home you may find there is a long with list of items you want to change to make it feel more your own or meet your family’s needs. While many of these items such as painting, flooring, and even some remodeling can be done as a do-it-yourself project over the weekend, there may be more extensive changes you want to have made. For these changes you will most likely choose a contractor to complete the work. When you are looking for a contractor to complete a specific job, here are the top ten questions you should ask:

  • Begin by asking any potential customers about his business, his experience, and his qualifications. Not only do you want to know about the business experience and expertise in the specific job you are requesting done, you should do research into the company itself. It is important to ask about licenses, insurance, whether the company is bonded, and as well as information about the stability of the business such as how long they have been around and whether or not they have ever filed bankruptcy.
  • Ask any contractor you are thinking about working with for references. Getting to see references and speak to prior customers will give you a better understanding of how the company works and what you should be prepared for in the scope of work you are having done.
  • Talk to the contractor about specifics of the job you want done. Ask them about whether they will take care of getting building permits and follow through with any inspections that might be needed or whether that is something you will have to take care of.
  • Find out about the time frame they expect to work on during your specific job. Ask for specifics about what delays could happen and what the consequences are if they don’t stick to a timeline you both agree on.
  • Discuss the overall cost of the project. If you have a budget you need to work within on the project it is important to address this issue at the beginning of the job. Talk to them about what costs might be unexpected and whether there is a contingency plan built into the beginning budget.
  • Ask about specifics in regards to materials being used to complete the project. If you are looking to go green for instance this is an important element of the job you will want to discuss.
  • Discuss what type of equipment they will be using and whether it will remain on site or be removed every day. Talk about specifics in relation to repairs that may need to happen during the job. Use to DeWalt replacement parts.
  • Ask about the daily routine and what to expect. What are their standard working hours? Will you need to make specific accommodations for employees when they are at your home?
  • As you discuss the daily routine it is also important to talk to them about employees that will be on site. Will they be alone or who will be supervising them?
  • Finally ask for all of the information for your agreement and any specific guarantees in writing. While you hope a contractors word can be his bond, for your protection only choose contractors who are willing to put in writing anything they say.

As you begin to look for a contractor to complete the projects you want, asking these questions will give you a better understanding not only of the qualifications and experience of the contractor but of his design ideas and how he will implement the changes you want made as well. Taking the time to talk to several contractors will allow you to compare costs, time frames, and even customer reviews. Choosing a contractor to work on your home is an important decision that requires some research into the contractor company as well as the project you want completed.

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