Laminate flooring: naturally green from start to finish…with the right laminate underlayment


Laminate flooring is naturally a green product from start to finish. From manufacturing to installation and even maintenance are green processes. It is made from recycled middle core that is renewable. Either fast growth wood or in many cases recycled wood material is used. No exotic or rare species are needed. The surface is a durable strong finish that can resemble the rarest species without harming the environment. Installation can be done using minimal electricity, a laminate flooring cutter can be used for simple and fast cuts without having to get up to go to the electric saw. No glues are used for installation anywhere except stairs because of the locking click systems. Cleaning can be done with vinegar and water no use of harsh chemicals is necessary.

Since the manufacturing process of laminate flooring does not involve harvesting of any trees, and the installation does not require harmful adhesives and even cleaning the floor does not involve any harmful chemicals, the use of laminate flooring is one of the safest for the earth while providing realistic looks of wood marble or even stone at a fraction of the cost.

A laminate floor can last a very long time, but when you are ready for a change, it can be picked up and re-used in another area or simply recycled. The boards can even be put back into the production process.

Laminate floors have a variety of environmentally friendly benefits, but one of them tops them all. Laminate floors create the look of a natural resource instead of actually having to use one. The appearance is a high definition photograph, effectively providing the desired look no matter how limited the availability without damaging a tree or mining underground for stone.

The green qualities of laminate are many from manufacturing, to living with it making it a smart choice for the earth.

Using Silent Blue premium underlayment will complete an eco-friendly job since the pad attributes include 100% biodegradable foam and an easy to remove film that is recyclable when the time comes to replace the floor usually many years down the road. To learn more about Silent Blue Underlayment click this link Silent Blue is available nationwide. Besides the earth friendly qualities Silent Blue Premium Underlayment pad also decreases the loud noise that is common in all floating floors, the pad is moisture proof and helps the floor easily expand and contract as needed with temperature and humidity changes, adding to the life of your new laminate or wood floating floor.

The durability of your laminate floor will best fit many 8mm to 12mm products, anything thinner is usually made very cheap and may not last very long.

Besides all of the green benefits that come with laminate flooring and Silent Blue underlayment, the floor remains a long lasting, inexpensive way to achieve a fast new floor that will last. It is also relatively easy to maintain and can be installed over most existing floors with the exception of carpet. The installation is bordering on simple but requires detailed work under door jams, many other details must be carefully kept in mind for a great finished project. A professional, experienced installation crew can do the job inexpensively. Some are even known to install upwards of 1500 s/f in a single day with a floor ready to be lived on immediately.

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