Good, Better and Best Hardwood for Furniture Construction


Wood is one of the popular materials widely utilized for the fabrication of furniture. A good number of various types of furniture used in many families, offices, churches, outdoor environment and others are made from wood. Wooden furniture is among the best type of furniture. However, the durability of a wooden piece of furniture depends on the type of wooden material that is used in making it. The reason for this difference in quality and durability is due to the fact that the wooden materials are obtained from various types of trees. The hardwoods got from these trees are not the same in strength. Some hardwoods are known for their durability and ability to withstand various harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and sun.

There are some hardwoods that have natural scent that dispel insects like termites. You will also find some woods that naturally contain chemical compounds that are offensive to bacteria, bugs, termites and other agents of decomposition. These wood-eating living organisms will not have any effect on these woods. Pieces of furniture made from these strong hardwoods are highly durable.

Some woods are physically better than others. They naturally have tyloses that seal up pores in the wood making them impermeable to moisture. Moisture favors the growth of some fungi like mold and other decay-causing creatures. Given that these woods have strong resistance against moisture, these creatures are not capable of causing any damage to the furniture created from them.

The above reasons explain why there are good, better and best hardwoods used in the construction of furniture. If you are buying wooden furniture, it is good that you know various types of woods, their strength and drawbacks. This will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing your furniture type.

Cedar woods

Cedar is of two types, namely, northern white and western red cedars. These woods are available in North America. Both types of cedar woods are highly valuable in the furniture industry because of their amazing qualities. Cedar woods are highly durable and they can withstand various weather conditions. Given their resistance to harsh weather, cedar woods are perfect hardwood materials for making outdoor furniture. Furniture made from cedar can last more than 20 years and there will be no problem of warping, rotting and splitting.

Besides its high durability, cedar woods are lightweight. Pieces of furniture created with the wood are not heavy to carry. This gives them portability advantage over other types of woods.


In the furniture industry, teak wood can be regarded as the kings of all durable hardwoods. Teak contains high level of minerals and chemical compound that make it resistant to various wood-eating microorganisms and other insects and fungi that thrive in wet conditions. So, furniture made from teak will last for ages and it will not have any problem such as crack or warp. Teak does not require much maintenance. Buying a piece of furniture made from teak is a good investment of time and money. Such a piece of furniture can be handed down as the family heirloom.


Eucalyptus is another hardwood that is highly valued in the furniture industry. The wood comes with awesome grain and smooth finishes that do not require much maintenance. Its durability and strength are amazing. It has high oil content that gives it strong resistance against moisture. Hardwood from Eucalyptus is dense and decay and rot resistant. The wood is will weather to a soft gray.

Native white oak

Native white oak is one of the cherished woods in the furniture making industry. The Old Iron Side (the famous American sailing ship) was constructed with wood from native white oak. The wood from this tree is also used for flooring thanks to its durability. It is dense and straight grained. The wood can withstand harsh weather condition and resist wood decaying and eating living organisms thanks to its chemical and oil content.


This is also known as locust. Acacia tree grows in many regions of the world. The woods from the tree are known for their toughness. Furniture constructed with it has amazing long-term outdoor durability. The wood is heavy but not as light as light as cedar wood. It weathers to dark gray.

China Fir

Fir is an evergreen tree belonging to the genus Abies. It is mainly found in upland areas. The wood from this tree is utilized greatly for construction of a number of things including furniture in China because of their durability. Its easy-to-work nature also makes it highly valuable in China. The wood is lightweight and so, pieces of furniture created from them are portable.

There are other hardwoods that are used for the construction of furniture but the above mentioned ones are highly valued because of their durability.

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