The Tools Home Improvers Can’t Live Without

There’s nothing in this world like a good DIY home improvement project. It truly fosters a deep sense of love and regard between the homeowner and their property. Now, while we aren’t house and owner relationship therapists, we’ve got no problem being labeled as advocates for a better future for you and your home. First stop on that journey is the land of DIY! Not to be oversimplified, Do It Yourself home improvement and maintenance is empowering, fun, affordable, and a great way to expand your skills portfolio. But if you are going to pick up the banner of the DIY home improver, there are some tools you really just cannot live without.


The hammer! Boy, what implement is as familiar to us as this hefty tool? There to help you in construction and demolition, providing additional heft to your hand. If you don’t have a hammer your toolbox must be bare. What you don’t know about the hammer is that you can’t just buy the cheapest one. Certain hammers provide you with certain abilities, and for the all around tool we’d actually suggest a few surprising tips. Don’t just buy up a lightweight, or an aluminum hammer. Steel can’t be beat, nor can vibration-eliminating grips. When it comes to the claw, don’t go with the mainstream; buy a rip claw not a curved head it’s got a broader range of uses.

Needle Nose Pliers

You would be surprised how many ways needle nose pliers can be used for projects in small spaces or with delicate pieces. Not only are they good for crafting and computer repair, these little puppies can cut and manipulate wire, making them essential for the DIY electrician. Make sure you purchase needle nose pliers that have the wire cutting blades near the hinge so that you get the full use out of them.

The Screwdriver

When it comes to the screwdriver this is one instrument of work that many people have tried to improve over the years; and it remains one of those classics that simply cannot be improved upon. Ergonomic screwdrivers and high-powered drills have their place, but when the going gets tough, this toughie gets going. It’s important to own both Philips and flat head screwdrivers of multiple sizes if you can, but with these two in your toolbox you’re going to be ready for nearly everything. Also, if you really want to spiff it up, buy screwdrivers with magnetic heads.

The Ladder

Finally, the ladder. There’s nothing to compare with this standard. The literal support of the DIYer, the ladder is there for everything. From hanging Christmas lights to repairing gutters, painting the eaves and more, it’s the ladder that extends your reach far enough. Which is why using just “any old ladder” really doesn’t work. Ladders need to be reliable, they should be commercial rated for heavy weights and durability. Instead of an old rickety wooden ladder consider ladders that are articulating, with the ability to provide multiple positions and therefore help you no matter what your project is.

If you want to be an independent and self-reliant homeowner and maintain your quality relationship with your beloved house, make sure you’ve stocked yourself with the tools to get the job done; and don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty. For more information on equipment click here.

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