Palm Springs Real Estate Tips

Palm Springs Real Estate TipsIn most cases people think of Palm Springs as a single, unified city. In reality it is more of a string of smaller cities that tie together to become the area known as Greater Palm Springs or also “Coachella Valley”.

One of the greatest things about the Palm Springs area is its great choices in terms of condos and homes for sale. Whether you’re aiming to find a modern home, a condo or a home with a golf course, a nice villa, mansion, fixer-upper or something smaller you will always have a great amount of choice involved. An important factor of the search for the right property lies in figuring out which community also fits what you’re looking for. Each of the cities around the area has its own unique qualities, styles and their own vibe. In the nice, upscale neighborhoods around the Palm Springs area you will notice a lot of homes with their own private pools. Many of the condominiums around the area also have their own shared community pool, so expect a chance to enjoy those if you’re looking for such a type of property.

• Desert winds around the area can be pretty powerful in some neighborhoods and communities, so make sure you check ahead of time whether the area you’re aiming for has a higher degree of winds than other possible ones. This is an important task, as the winds may affect the longevity of the property you’re aiming to buy.

• You should also consider the energy efficiency of the property that caught your eye, as living in the desert calls for a specific set of rules when it comes to housing. You should look for well-insulated homes with insulated windows, doors and pitched roofs as well as landscaping which adds to the energy efficiency as well. Without that your energy bills may skyrocket during the worst of the summer season here.

• One of the common insurance policies around the state of California is proper earthquake insurance. This is important, since the San Andreas fault runs right through the Palm Springs area. Many of the homes built here were made with earthquake activity in mind, so you may want to make sure you decide how far away you’d like to live from active fault lines. There are maps designating said fault lines available through the Riverside County. This type of insurance is also available for some homeowners who want to purchase it through a state agency or an insurance vendor.

• One of the greatest things you have to keep in mind around the area is that during the peak of summer temperatures easily pass 100 degrees Fahrenheit for quite a few days at the end of a month. Thankfully, most of the time this is a tolerable, dry heat which is a small price to pay for the otherwise beautiful weather the rest of the year. You would still do well to make sure your future home has a good air conditioning system as well as proper insulation.
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