Door Types To Add Excitement to Your Home

Doors contribute to the style element in our homes. A change in the style, color or material of our doors provides a huge effect in the overall look of the entire home design. It is a cost-effective way to revamp the home and create a new feel.

Door Types for Your Home:

Single-leaf door – This door type is the most common. It consists of a single rigid panel hinged on one side of the doorway. The single-leaf can be used further in such designs as double doors and French doors where there are two adjacent panels hinged on both sides of the doorway.

Dutch door – Also called half door, the Dutch door is divided horizontally in half. It was used traditionally to allow a horse or any animal to be fed if the upper half is opened while the bottom half remained closed.  This door style is now adapted in many homes.

Saloon door- A pair of lightweight swing doors is called Saloon doors. They can be found mostly in public bars, cafes and in home kitchens. They are most common in the American west regions. Such doors have bidirectional hinges, which allow the doors to be opened and closed on both directions.  If the Saloon doors only extend from chest level to knee level, they are called batwing doors.

French door – The French door can be installed singly or as part of a matching pair of doors. It consists of a frame around one or more transparent panels. It uses an espagnolette bolt to allow the head and foot of each door to be secured.

Choosing the right type of door for your home is a simple task, but can get complex according to your home design and availability in your area. So how do you know when you have found the perfect door for your home?

Firstly, you need to consider the design of your home. The exterior patio door should reflect the design of the exterior while interior doors should complement the interior design of your home. Find inspiration online and in home improvement magazines to find the perfect style. To add excitement to your home, choose a style that will provide you the effect you want.

Consider the size of your doorway. Huge doorframes require massive doors, so it is crucial that the style of the door you choose will match the size. Some types will lose their appeal when constructed in large scale, while others, such as gothic doors, are not appropriate for smaller doorways.

Lastly, your budget should help you stick on a certain price range. Compare prices offered by various companies and find the door appropriate for your home while not spending more than you are willing.

Find the perfect door for your home to give that excitement and appeal you want to achieve, Moreover, you can experiment and use a new style of door that will give interest to your home, whether for the exterior or interior.

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